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7/14/96 - T+13
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7/14/96 - T+13 - Of Family and Friends

Today was a very quiet day. I got to spend it with one of the most beautiful people in the world. That being my niece Jaye who you see to the right. Is this kid cute or what? The morning was slow with some chores around the house. For lunch we all went out to the town of Sawyer and ate at a wonderful outside cafe. Right next door was a ice cream stand so you can imagine that we had to stop there also. After wandering the shops in town after lunch, it was back to the house for an afternoon nap. For me that is, I don't think Jaye had one.

Around 4:00 we all mounted up for an expedition to the beach. Jaye was mounted in the stroller with Dennis driving. Penny and I followed on foot as we made our way through the woods to the beach. The house we are staying in is right across a two lane street from the state park that is the beach on Lake Michigan. It was only a brief walk and we were lake side. Jaye loved the water and a good time was had by all. This was just a short visit to the water. Long adventures to the beach are planned for later in the week.

Coming back home, the wonder child was bathed and put to bed and us adults ordered out for Italian. Not to forget the wonder dog of the house, here's Tao Jones.

That's about it from here, kind of a slow day. Still no word from Sancho, I'm beginning to get really worried. I'll talk to you all tomorrow.



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